WildFly 13 «Чётрова дюжина» выпущен!

Перевод статьи Jason Greene

WildFly 13 Final сейчас доступен для загрузки http://wildfly.org/downloads

Возможность EE8 и новая модель выпуска релизов

Это второй релиз, который следует новой квартальной модели доставки релизов. Основная тема этого плана заключается в предоставлении функциональности EE8 в полностью завершённых небольших инкрементальных наборах изменений, в отличие от ожидания завершения полностью функционального релиза. WildFly 13, в целом, достигает этой цели полнотой фич EE8. WildFly 14 будет фокусироваться на получение сертификатов и использовании единственной модели выполнения EE8. Поскольку Java EE8 полностью обратно совместима, то деплой-пакеты EE7 будут функционировать так же, как и сейчас. Ниже представлен обзор изменений для модели выполнения EE8.

NameFrom VersionFrom JSRTo VersionTo JSR
Java Servlet3.1JSR-3404.0JSR-369
Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java1.2JSR-3462.0JSR-365
Bean Validation1.1JSR-3492.0JSR-380
Java ServerFaces2.2JSR-3442.3JSR-372
Java API for RESTFul Web Services2.0JSR-3392.1JSR-370
Java API for JSON Processing1.0JSR-3531.1JSR-374
Java API for JSON Binding--1.0JSR-367
Common Annotations for the Java Platform1.2JSR-2501.3JSR-250
Java EE Security--1.0JSR-375
Java Persistence2.1JSR-3382.2JSR-338

По умолчанию, WildFly13 запускается в режиме EE7. Для того, чтобы можно было использовать новые возможности EE8 необходимо передать свойство ee8.preview.mode во время старта.

./standalone.sh -Dee8.preview.mode=true

Это также может быть достигнуто запуском новой конфигурации, которая просто добавляет это свойство в конфигурационный файл.

 ./standalone.sh -c standalone-ee8.xml

Можно использовать также CLI для модификации существующей конфигурации. Например:

embed-server --admin-only=true

Другие значимые изменения

  • Внутренняя сборка WildFly 13 сейчас выполняется с использованием проекта Galleon, новая модель доставки, которую мы планируем выкатить в предстоящих релизах.
  • Улучшена совместимость с Java 10
  • Значительное обновление административной консоли WildFly 13 (HAL version 3)
  • Infinispan обновлён до версии 9.2
  • Обновлён Hibernate ORM до версии 5.3 в режиме EE8.

Перевод выполнил A.Saushkin специально для Цифровой Лаборатории

Jira Release Notes

Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-9793] – Upgrade Infinispan to 9.2
  • [WFLY-9867] – Upgrade metadata to 12.0.0.Beta1
  • [WFLY-9895] – HTTP Client 1.0.11.Final
  • [WFLY-9915] – Component upgrade of Narayana to 5.8.0.Final
  • [WFLY-9944] – Servlet API bridge 1.0.1.Final
  • [WFLY-9945] – CDI API Bridge 1.0.1.Final
  • [WFLY-9988] – Upgrade Ironjacamar from 1.4.7 to 1.4.8
  • [WFLY-9993] – Upgrade Picketlink and Picketlink Bindings from 2.5.5.SP9 to 2.5.5.SP10
  • [WFLY-9994] – Upgrade JBoss Ejb Client to 4.0.10.Final
  • [WFLY-9996] – Upgrade ActiveMQ Artemis to 1.5.5-010
  • [WFLY-9999] – Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.3.9.Final
  • [WFLY-10006] – Upgrade Hibernate ORM from 5.1.10 to 5.1.13
  • [WFLY-10013] – Upgrade WildFly Core to 5.0.0.Alpha1
  • [WFLY-10017] – Upgrade org.slf4j.ext from 1.7.22 to 1.7.22.jbossorg-1
  • [WFLY-10035] – WildFly HTTP client 1.0.12.Final
  • [WFLY-10095] – Upgrade JGroups to 4.0.11.Final
  • [WFLY-10108] – Upgrade to CXF 3.2.4
  • [WFLY-10112] – Upgrade Hibernate Validator to 6.0.9.Final
  • [WFLY-10116] – Upgrade WildFly Naming Client from 1.0.7.Final to 1.0.8.Final
  • [WFLY-10132] – Upgrade Infinispan to 9.2.1.Final
  • [WFLY-10139] – Upgrade ActiveMQ Artemis to 1.5.5.jbossorg-011
  • [WFLY-10162] – Upgrade FasterXML Jackson from 2.9.4 to 2.9.5
  • [WFLY-10174] – Upgrade WildFly Transaction Client to 1.1.2.Final
  • [WFLY-10198] – Upgrade WIldFly Core to 5.0.0.Alpha3
  • [WFLY-10203] – Upgrade JBossWS to 5.2.1.Final
  • [WFLY-10205] – Upgrade apache-cxf from 3.2.4 to 3.2.4-jbossorg-1
  • [WFLY-10206] – Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.5.1.Final
  • [WFLY-10211] – Upgrade Ironjacamar from 1.4.8 to 1.4.9
  • [WFLY-10228] – Upgrade Picketlink from 2.5.5.SP10 to 2.5.5.SP11
  • [WFLY-10236] – Upgrade Infinispan to 9.2.2.Final
  • [WFLY-10237] – Upgrade HAL to 3.0.0.Alpha3
  • [WFLY-10249] – Upgrade WildFly Core 5.0.0.Alpha3
  • [WFLY-10285] – Upgrade Weld to 3.0.4.Final and Weld API to 3.0.SP3
  • [WFLY-10307] – Upgrade HAL to 3.0.0.Beta1
  • [WFLY-10316] – Upgrade WildFly Transaction Client to 1.0.3.Final
  • [WFLY-10324] – Upgrade WildFly Core 5.0.0.Alpha5
  • [WFLY-10364] – Upgrade Hibernate ORM from 5.1.13 to 5.1.14
  • [WFLY-10372] – Upgrade to Hibernate Validator 6.0.10.Final
  • [WFLY-10374] – Upgrade to Galleon 1.0.0.CR3 and plugins 1.0.0.CR6
  • [WFLY-10375] – Upgrade HAL to 3.0.0.Final
  • [WFLY-10393] – Upgrade Infinispan to 9.2.3.Final
  • [WFLY-10399] – JSF 2.3.5
  • [WFLY-10424] – Upgrade ActiveMQ Artemis to 1.5.5.jbossorg-012
  • [WFLY-10428] – Upgrade to WildFly Galleon plugins 1.0.0.CR12 and fork embedded in the build
  • [WFLY-10431] – Upgrade guava to 25.0-jre
  • [WFLY-10447] – Upgrade WildFly Naming Client to 1.0.9.Final
  • [WFLY-10450] – Upgrade WildFly Core 5.0.0.Beta5
  • [WFLY-10457] – Upgrade WildFly Transaction Client to 1.0.4.Final
  • [WFLY-10460] – Update to Hibernate ORM 5.3.1.Final and matching dependencies Hibernate Search, Byte Buddy
  • [WFLY-10461] – Upgrade Infinispan to 9.2.4.Final
  • [WFLY-10462] – Upgrade to Galleon 1.0.0.Final and Galleon Plugins 1.0.0.Final
  • [WFLY-10465] – Upgrade WildFly Core 5.0.0.CR1
  • [WFLY-10470] – Upgrade WildFly Core 5.0.0.Final


  • [WFLY-7860] – Only import transactions lazily
  • [WFLY-9344] – Let Infinispan manage eviction for distributed web sessions and @Stateful EJBs
  • [WFLY-9574] – Distribution files does not have POSIX permissions perfectly set
  • [WFLY-9586] – Persistent EJB timers should resume only once if missed multiple times
  • [WFLY-9648] – Expose configuration for non-blocking initial state transfer for replicated/distributed caches
  • [WFLY-9664] – Add support for configuring scattered caches
  • [WFLY-9888] – Server log messages does not reflect the use of “distinct” naming for EJB’s
  • [WFLY-9933] – Nodes can not join the cluster if there are sessions which can not initial transfered
  • [WFLY-9960] – Remove SLF4J dependency from Hibernate Validator module
  • [WFLY-9987] – The attribute ‘driver-datasource-class-name’ is missing from ‘get-installed-driver’ operation
  • [WFLY-9991] – Create http-custom-mechanism quickstart
  • [WFLY-10030] – Add test for selection of ClusterNodeSelector into clustering testsuite
  • [WFLY-10252] – Upgrade Weld-related modules to JBoss Modules 1.8
  • [WFLY-10269] – RemoteStore should use unresolved hostnames to accommodate dynamic environments
  • [WFLY-10289] – Log something at INFO to reflect the ee8.preview.mode setting
  • [WFLY-10373] – Standard undertow subsystem config should declare the default-[server|virtual-host|servlet-container|security-domain] attributes

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-6634] – Add remote-cache-container configuration to Infinispan subsystem
  • [WFLY-8449] – EJB contextData not sent back to client in response
  • [WFLY-9294] – Add security configuration for Infinispan remote cache store
  • [WFLY-9417] – No default-response-code during deployment sent
  • [WFLY-9563] – Integrate KUBE_PING discovery protocol
  • [WFLY-9710] – Add Undertow buffer pools as an alternative to the deprecated XNIO ones
  • [WFLY-9724] – Undertow does not allow UTF-8 characters in URLs
  • [WFLY-9781] – Support Forwarded HTTP Extension – RFC 7239
  • [WFLY-9810] – Enable setting of default cookie version in Undertow
  • [WFLY-9860] – Infinispan store implementation based on remote-cache-container configuration
  • [WFLY-9947] – start page in localhost:8080 has showed “wildfly 11” and wildfly is version 12
  • [WFLY-10027] – Provide metric attribute to see max number of concurrently active sessions for deployment
  • [WFLY-10172] – Add support for JSR-375 EE Security as required for Java EE 8
  • [WFLY-10254] – Prepare for MSC Upgrade


  • [WFLY-3600] – TransactionRolledbackException doesn’t reference the originating runtime-exception
  • [WFLY-5651] – Validation errors in “jboss-web_10_0.xsd”
  • [WFLY-6885] – Exception swallowed by CmtTxInterceptor if transaction has been cancelled by reaper
  • [WFLY-7085] – Server should verify EJB business methods during deployment and reject
  • [WFLY-7307] – Some XTS tests fail with security manager
  • [WFLY-8377] – ImplementValidityAuditStrategyTestCase fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-8542] – StatefulSessionSynchronizationInterceptor fails weirdly if the transaction is in ROLLBACK_ONLY
  • [WFLY-8620] – wildfly-bean-validation LazyValidatorFactoryTestCase test failed when running with JDK9
  • [WFLY-9155] – [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] truststore – keystore-password does it really needs to be mandatory?
  • [WFLY-9386] – Several tests need FilePermission for standalone/tmp/auth to pass with security manager
  • [WFLY-9501] – Container is not cleaning up container-managed JMSContext
  • [WFLY-9521] – CacheRegistry and CacheServiceProviderRegistry use inefficient marshalling of Node objects.
  • [WFLY-9531] – Deadlock in model controller encountered in basic test suite
  • [WFLY-9601] – NullPointerException in build during checkstyle
  • [WFLY-9636] – EJB lookup over HTTP times out connection after 60 seconds
  • [WFLY-9658] – Batch jobs in a sub-deployment can be started but not queried
  • [WFLY-9666] – ClassLoader leak in org.jboss.el.cache.FactoryFinderCache (Wildfly 11)
  • [WFLY-9725] – Error during transaction manager commit of non-XA resource does not provokes exception being thrown
  • [WFLY-9771] – SingletonPartitionTestCase.testSingletonService fails intermittently
  • [WFLY-9777] – Test suite is leaving debris in git-trackable directories
  • [WFLY-9778] – Test suite is putting temporary modules in build directory
  • [WFLY-9844] – EJB invocation for Remote interface fails when Client Interceptor registered via META-INF/services/org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClientInterceptor
  • [WFLY-9846] – Unsatisfied dependencies for CDI Beans in static module’s dependency
  • [WFLY-9877] – NAKACK, UNICAST2 and MERGE2 need to translate to their newer variants
  • [WFLY-9890] – “ISPN000476: Timed out waiting for responses for request X from node Y” immediately after node Y rejoins the cluster (failover)
  • [WFLY-9903] – Cannot remove modcluster subsystem for the first time
  • [WFLY-9908] – Unused PathAddress variable in BroadcastGroupAdd.performRuntime method
  • [WFLY-9910] – CustomUndertowFilterTestCase fails to reload server if node0!=localhost
  • [WFLY-9925] – Transaction manager definition race condition when setup after recovery service alread started
  • [WFLY-9928] – Replace usage of deprecated ServiceListener with LifecycleListener in singleton deployment logic
  • [WFLY-9942] – Remove hornetq-native and -journal dependencies
  • [WFLY-9946] – The JSON-B implementation module is not properly exported to deployments
  • [WFLY-9948] – Error message on MDB activation failure should include MDB name
  • [WFLY-9950] – ConcurrentCoarseWebFailoverTestCase.testGracefulSimpleFailover fails intermittently
  • [WFLY-9961] – Annotations in applications, compiled using JDK 9, aren’t recognized causing deployment issues
  • [WFLY-9967] – LayeredDistributionTestCase fails without clean install
  • [WFLY-9971] – wsprovide && wsconsume scritps don’t work on Windows
  • [WFLY-9974] – Remove unused ‘basic-authType’ complex type in wildfly-undertow xsd file
  • [WFLY-9979] – Resteasy client quickstart dependency fix
  • [WFLY-9981] – [EO12] Logging README refers to gc.log which is not configured upstream
  • [WFLY-9984] – jaxws-retail fails to build with jdk-9
  • [WFLY-9992] – The hibernate4 README file still refers to the renamed hibernate5 quickstart
  • [WFLY-10007] – Module org.infinispan.cachestore.remote was dropped
  • [WFLY-10008] – Dwm test cases fail intermittently
  • [WFLY-10015] – Using store=remote fails with “NoClassDefFoundError: io/netty/channel/ChannelHandler”
  • [WFLY-10016] – HTTP + EJB – UnsupportedOperationException trying to write to an AbstractMap
  • [WFLY-10019] – Intermittent failures in @Stateful EJB passivation tests
  • [WFLY-10031] – Scripts throws “illegal reflective access” warning on JDK9+
  • [WFLY-10032] – Wildfly 12 Final (RestEASy 3.5 Final) can’t discover JsonBindingProvider for Jax-RS
  • [WFLY-10033] – TCPGOSSIP has no port_range property.
  • [WFLY-10034] – wsconsume and wsprovide scripts should be synced
  • [WFLY-10037] – QS Ejb-security-jaas admin authorisation exception
  • [WFLY-10039] – Backward-compatibility issues with eviction configuration between EAP 6 and 7
  • [WFLY-10040] – Different behavior when filter defined in undertow-handlers.conf vs via expression filter
  • [WFLY-10047] – OOM caused by jgroups objects UNICAST3$SenderEntry#1
  • [WFLY-10048] – Deploying of malformed MDB should be allowed, but infractions should be reported as warnings
  • [WFLY-10049] – ejb: lookup logged at startup is incorrect
  • [WFLY-10050] – Some subsystems contain unused classes
  • [WFLY-10058] – Include .cli files and mvnw in sources
  • [WFLY-10060] – wsconsume script is not working on JDK9 and JDK10
  • [WFLY-10061] – Backward-compatibility issues between EAP 6 and 7 [GET_DIGEST ] are required by STABLE, but not provided
  • [WFLY-10062] – Application deployment fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/enterprise/inject/Any$Literal
  • [WFLY-10064] – Silence “ISPN000152: Passivation configured without an eviction policy being selected. Only manually evicted entities will be passivated.”
  • [WFLY-10066] – JACC is broken after server reload
  • [WFLY-10080] – [GSS](7.1.z) Need to handle a http post method on picketlink sp authentication – test
  • [WFLY-10087] – EJB uses the same remote outbound connection all the time
  • [WFLY-10093] – mod_cluster “max-attempts” attribute description is incorrect
  • [WFLY-10096] – Multi-JSF-Installer broken for MyFaces
  • [WFLY-10100] – ServerManager is not used
  • [WFLY-10107] – The artifactId now resolves to quickstart-parent instead of the quickstart name
  • [WFLY-10122] – EJBClientInterceptorTestCase fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-10124] – Some JCA tests fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-10126] – RemoteAsyncInvocationTestCase fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-10127] – DatasourceMaxPoolAttributeTestCase and DatasourceMinPoolAttributeTestCase fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-10129] – BeanValidationEE8TestCase fails with security manager
  • [WFLY-10130] – A Timer will hang forever if the database connection is not available
  • [WFLY-10136] – DynamicStubFactoryFactory can fail to load a stub if a race occurs on loading
  • [WFLY-10143] – Standalone JMS client is failing with: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.json.JsonValue with jboss-client.jar
  • [WFLY-10159] – Listeners from TLD’s are not marked as programatic
  • [WFLY-10161] – JSF should only activate if it is required
  • [WFLY-10169] – bin/client/jboss-cli-client.jar contains some useless aesh classes
  • [WFLY-10171] – UNICAST3 conn_expiry_timeout should use JGroups default value
  • [WFLY-10177] – JPA tests failing under Java 10
  • [WFLY-10181] – Deadlock for threads executing org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.xa.XAManagedConnectionFactory.isEqual (WFLY)
  • [WFLY-10185] – JSONBTestCase fails due to security manager issue
  • [WFLY-10186] – TransactionPropagationTestCase fails under a security manager
  • [WFLY-10187] – DatabaseTimerServiceMultiNodeTestCase and RemoteLocalCallTestCase fail under security manager
  • [WFLY-10193] – ValidityAuditStrategyonInheritanceTestCase fails under security manager
  • [WFLY-10194] – WildFlyActivationRaWithSecurityDomainTestCase fails under security manager
  • [WFLY-10197] – AuthenticationPolicyContextTestCase fails under a security manager
  • [WFLY-10201] – There are in doubt transactions that should be rolled back after communication failure
  • [WFLY-10204] – Missing file in openjdk-orb source jar
  • [WFLY-10214] – WFLYMSGAMQ0030: Failed to find SocketBinding for connector: http-connector
  • [WFLY-10222] – Problems in a JAX-RS deployment can cause issues with reading resources from the management model
  • [WFLY-10223] – Elytron discovery of providers from BC module does not work without class-names
  • [WFLY-10226] – NPE at org.wildfly.extension.undertow.deployment.LogoutSessionListener.sessionDestroyedImpl
  • [WFLY-10231] – PassivationTestCase.testPassivationFailure fails intermittently
  • [WFLY-10232] – JNDIBindingMBeanTestCase fails intermittently
  • [WFLY-10235] – Cache with passivation store=remote broken when using preload=true with combination of EAP 7.2.0.CD12.CR2 and JDG 7.1.2.GA
  • [WFLY-10238] – Wsprovide tool doesn’t generate/keep class files on JDK10
  • [WFLY-10243] – wsconsume.bat and wsprovide.bat wrongly use -Dsecmgr
  • [WFLY-10248] – write to jgroups-channel throws IllegalStateException
  • [WFLY-10250] – Requesting a session with an invalid character causes request to fail with “IllegalArgumentException: Illegal base64 character”
  • [WFLY-10256] – [JDK9+] shaded client jars with MR overlays do not have defined Multi-Release in Manifest
  • [WFLY-10257] – Cannot add non-anonymous entries to authentication configuration via console
  • [WFLY-10260] – NullPointerException when read deployment with jpa
  • [WFLY-10262] – CodecSessionConfig#findSessionId() can cause an incorrect JSESSIONID response cookie reusing a requested non-existent session id
  • [WFLY-10263] – Some tests leave the server in ‘reload-required’ state
  • [WFLY-10278] – Bean discovery in deployment dependencies (modules) fails to inject from static module-alias’s exported dependency
  • [WFLY-10282] – NPE in io.undertow.security.impl.BasicAuthenticationMechanism.authenticate when picketbox subsystem removed
  • [WFLY-10292] – DefaultJMSConnectionFactory not found after switching to elytron and removing picketbox subsystem
  • [WFLY-10309] – Legacy feature pack host-master xml templates should put the ‘host’ element attributes in the correct order
  • [WFLY-10310] – Incorrect license link for LGPL v2.1 or later
  • [WFLY-10312] – messaging-activemq-colocated configuration is invalid
  • [WFLY-10321] – Configuring dns.DNS_PING protocol fails with ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jndi.dns.DnsContextFactory
  • [WFLY-10323] – Correct various issues discovered in “EAP-ization”
  • [WFLY-10331] – The standalone-minimalistic.xml example config has wrong attribute order and a comment
  • [WFLY-10333] – jboss.ejb.default-local-transport-provider missing in appclient mode
  • [WFLY-10334] – The dist includes a domain/data/content dir
  • [WFLY-10337] – AuthenticationPolicyContextTestCase doesn’t work with -Dnode{0,1} properties
  • [WFLY-10338] – Discovery subsystem is missing from the domain profiles
  • [WFLY-10342] – Unsecured EJB causes “Multiple security domains” exception
  • [WFLY-10343] – Some subsystems are not in conventional order in the standard configs
  • [WFLY-10347] – Workmanager persistence is not in xsd order
  • [WFLY-10354] – Discovery subsystem is missing from example configurations
  • [WFLY-10355] – The non-multicast mod_cluster subsystem template puts attributes in non-xsd order
  • [WFLY-10356] – The legacy standalone-load-balancer config does not set skip-group-loading=”true”
  • [WFLY-10358] – Resource annotations should create bindings even if they are not used on a component
  • [WFLY-10363] – Generation of legacy feature pack licenses.xml output varies depending on whether -Pjboss-release is used
  • [WFLY-10366] – The standalone-picketlink.xml example is missing some JMS config and has misordered attributes in the identity-management subsystem
  • [WFLY-10368] – The standalone-rts and standalone-xts example configs should declare the ee subsystem jms-connector-factory default-binding
  • [WFLY-10376] – ModuleJndiBindingProcessor has trace logging in wrong place
  • [WFLY-10384] – Duplicated groupId and version in component-matrix-builder pom
  • [WFLY-10385] – TransactionInflowTestCase does not function correctly under security manager
  • [WFLY-10386] – Some poms hardcode the org.wildfly maven groupId in references to internal artifacts
  • [WFLY-10387] – Occasional 404 response during graceful shutdown
  • [WFLY-10391] – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on server using scattered cache
  • [WFLY-10392] – Regression in Remote JCA scenario with JDBC store after Artemis upgrade
  • [WFLY-10394] – Lookup using remote-naming context does not work in WildFly 13
  • [WFLY-10396] – Missing host-exclude entries for ee-security extension
  • [WFLY-10397] – Web Services Integration Tests using Expired Self Signed Certificate
  • [WFLY-10398] – The Hibernate Search/ORM JBoss Module need a dependency on javax.enterprise.api
  • [WFLY-10403] – Create ‘addendum’ license files for the artifacts brought in by hardcoded versions in module.xml
  • [WFLY-10406] – The standalone-full-ha feature-group-spec has name=”standalone-full”
  • [WFLY-10407] – CertificateExpiredException in WS integration tests
  • [WFLY-10408] – Hibernate 5.3 is not using interposed synchronizations
  • [WFLY-10409] – Thin build differs from fat dist in more than the absence of jars from modules
  • [WFLY-10413] – State errors during fetching JPA Statistics should not be fatal
  • [WFLY-10422] – duplicate infinispan-hibernate-cache-commons.jar in distribution
  • [WFLY-10425] – With Hibernate ORM 5.3, protect against NPE in WildFlyCustomRegionFactoryInitiator for non-container-managed JPA deployment
  • [WFLY-10427] – override the Hibernate ORM 5.3 JtaPlatform on WildFly for all deployments
  • [WFLY-10435] – JSF can be activated for EAR deployments
  • [WFLY-10453] – NPE on EJB txn recover request
  • [WFLY-10458] – CLI description of the byte-buffer-pool max-pool-size attribute contains extra words
  • [WFLY-10459] – Hibernate Search compatibility mode is not being enabled
  • [WFLY-10463] – Weak affinity set up by EJB client 4 is not followed with invocations running against stateful bean deploment on WildFly 13


  • [WFLY-9678] – Expand clustering test cases to 3-node cluster
  • [WFLY-9859] – Add compatibility tests of the 3.0.x client versions
  • [WFLY-9911] – Move dependency managment under separate bom
  • [WFLY-9938] – Fix iiop testsuite for JDK 10
  • [WFLY-9940] – Reduce unnecessary lambda usage in clustering modules
  • [WFLY-9959] – Version in welcome page is not correct
  • [WFLY-9963] – Create mod_cluster transformer tests for EAP 7.1
  • [WFLY-9964] – Create JGroups subsystem transformer tests for EAP 7.1
  • [WFLY-9965] – Create Infinispan subsystem transformer tests for EAP 7.1
  • [WFLY-9983] – Fix build for JDK11
  • [WFLY-9986] – Create singleton subsystem transformer tests for EAP 7.1
  • [WFLY-10004] – Removing modules moved into wildfly-core for wildfly-url-http integration
  • [WFLY-10028] – Move XML/XSD validation test case to dist module
  • [WFLY-10063] – Move client boms to wildfly/boms repo
  • [WFLY-10065] – Clustering TS: change deployment/module names to match test case class names
  • [WFLY-10069] – Remove all slf4j dependencies from WildFly
  • [WFLY-10097] – Remove picketbox dependency from the EE subsystem
  • [WFLY-10146] – Clean up CMTTxInterceptor
  • [WFLY-10147] – TempClassLoader needs to delegate “java.” classes as well
  • [WFLY-10148] – Remove dependency on build tools
  • [WFLY-10158] – upgrade yasson to 1.0.1
  • [WFLY-10175] – Deprecate EJBComponent#getTransactionManager/getTransactionSynchronizationRegistrye
  • [WFLY-10210] – Convert DefaultableCapabilityReferences to standard CapabilityReferences
  • [WFLY-10216] – Replace ResourceDescriptor.addResourceCapabilityReference(…) with ManagementResourceRegistration.registerRequirements(…)
  • [WFLY-10217] – Resolve clustering capability names using the standard mechanism in wildfly-core
  • [WFLY-10229] – org.jboss.as.txn.service.internal.tsr.TransactionSynchronizationRegistryWrapper.getStatus() should use org.wildfly.transaction.client.ContextTransactionManager.getStatus()
  • [WFLY-10291] – Add integration smoke test for read-feature-description operation
  • [WFLY-10299] – Mark deployment resources as not provisioning features
  • [WFLY-10305] – Use Galleon for the WildFly build
  • [WFLY-10311] – Eliminate comments from the standard domain mode xml config files
  • [WFLY-10329] – Have JipiJapa enable Hibernate Search backward compatibility properties
  • [WFLY-10330] – Revert component-matrix change
  • [WFLY-10345] – Clean up clustering subsystem tests to leverage more test conditions
  • [WFLY-10365] – Generate component-matrix as part of the build
  • [WFLY-10370] – Make wildfly-component-matrix-plugin defined in pluginManagement section, preferably in jboss-parent
  • [WFLY-10378] – Clean out unused src/distribution content from the dist and servlet-dist modules
  • [WFLY-10379] – Simplify the build configuration of the release identifying info
  • [WFLY-10405] – Switch to using WildFly Common byte and code point iterators
  • [WFLY-10433] – allow JPA apps to disable WildFly JTA platform/2lc initiators for Hibernate ORM 5.3+
  • [WFLY-10451] – Configure the product release version using the galleon maven plugin
  • [WFLY-10452] – Don’t overwrite deployment-scanner config in servlet’s standalone-profile